MetaFix Improved Version



The All-in-One MetaFix™ matrix, with the innovative integrated tightening/opening system, is the perfect solution for Class II – MO/OD/MOD composite fillings.

Unique and Fast Application/Removal:

  • Integrated clamping system for easy and stable tightening
  • Integrated release mechanism for fast and simple removal
  • Ring matrix band 0.038 mm for stable placement without distortion through tight intact contact points
  • No additional tools needed

Easy Creation of the Contact Point and of an Anatomic Restoration:

  • Contoured shape for perfect contact point control
  • Anatomical design suited for better cervical adaptation and cavity depth
  • Three sizes available for better marginal adaptation to any posterior tooth (premolar/molar)
  • No overhangs nor extensive finishing needed
  • Light matrix system for excellent patient comfort and better visibility of the working area


Article ID Packaging
MetaFix Assorted Kit (150 pcs)
Contains: 50/Small, 50/Medium, 50/Large
MetaFix Refill
MetaFix small
MetaFix medium
MetaFix large

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  • MetaFix Improved Version Initial case. Pre-operative view.
  • MetaFix Improved Version Removal of the old filling material.
  • MetaFix Improved Version Positioning of the MetaFix™ and tightening of the matrix.
  • MetaFix Improved Version Insertion of the wood wedge in order to compensate the matrix thickness and get a sealed cervical step.
  • MetaFix Improved Version Build-up of the interproximal wall.
  • MetaFix Improved Version The tear strip opening system allows easy opening and removal of the matrix, without damaging the filling.
  • MetaFix Improved Version Opened matrix, ready to be removed laterally.
  • MetaFix Improved Version Reconstructed interproximal wall.
  • MetaFix Improved Version Check of the interproximal contact point.
  • MetaFix Improved Version Finished case. Post operative view.