OptiBond™ XTR


Self-Etch, Light-Cure Universal Adhesive.
OptiBond™ XTR stands apart as the only bonding agent that embodies both the power and durability of a total-etch adhesive and the simplified protocol of a selfetch technique. Universal compatibility enables use for all direct and indirect restorations. The unique chemistry of an enhanced self-etch primer and optimized adhesive in this 2-bottle system brings outstanding bond strengths to uncut enamel and dentin.

Universal adhesive for all direct and indirect restorations.


Article ID Packaging
OptiBond XTR Unidose Kit 18 ml
Contains: 50 x Unidose Self-Etching Primers (0.18 ml each), 50 x Unidose Universal Adhesives (0.18 ml each), 100 Applicators, Directions for Use, 1 Technique Guide
OptiBond XTR Bottle Kit

Contains: 1 Bottle Self-Etching Primer (5 ml), 1 Bottle Universal Adhesive (5 ml), 100 Applicators and 25 Four- Cavity Mixing Wells, Directions for Use and 1 Technique Guide.

OptiBond XTR Primer Refill (1 x bottle Primer 5 ml, IFU)
Contains: 1 x Self-Etching Primer (5 ml) and Directions for Use.
OptiBond XTR Adhesive Refill (1 x bottle Adhesive 5 ml, IFU)
Contains: 1 x Universal Adhesive (5 ml) and Directions for Use.


Total-Etch vs. Self-Etch Adhesives A Case-Dependent Choice

Adhesive dentistry with direct and indirect restorations has advanced tremendously since the first etch-and-rinse technique introduced by Buonocore for enamel-only adhesion.

Reconstruction of a tooth with composite endocrown following root canal treatment

This patient attended for root canal treatment and reconstruction of tooth 36, using Optibond™ XTR together with NX3.

Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating the Clinical Effectiveness of a Two-Step Self-Etch Adhesive: One-Year Report

Test the clinical effectiveness of the two-step self-etch adhesive OptiBond™ XTR and compare its clin-ical outcome with that of the three-step etch-and-rinse adhesive OptiBond™ FL, used as the control, in cervical Class V non-carious Erosion/Abrasion/Abfraction Lesions.

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