OptiBond™ XTR


Self-Etch, Light-Cure Universal Adhesive.
OptiBond™ XTR stands apart as the only bonding agent that embodies both the power and durability of a total-etch adhesive and the simplified protocol of a selfetch technique. Universal compatibility enables use for all direct and indirect restorations. The unique chemistry of an enhanced self-etch primer and optimized adhesive in this 2-bottle system brings outstanding bond strengths to uncut enamel and dentin.

Universal adhesive for all direct and indirect restorations.


How does it work?




  • NO phosphoric acid needed
  • NO selective etch needed
  • NO dual cure activator needed
  • NO Silano needed
  • Only ever needs two bottles


Reliable formula


Modifies and penetrates

Modifies and penetrates the smear layer to plug dentine tubules and avoid post operative sensitivity

Modifies and penetrates

Patented formula with GPDM monomer, for proven long lasting bond strength

Modifies and penetrates

HEMA components' hydrophilic and hydrophobic action actively reacts both on dentine and bonding agent

Modifies and penetrates

Low film thickness formula, for amazing aesthetic results, everywhere


No auxiliary products needed

  • Easy application with strong bonding results
  • No need to selective-etch for an effective enamel preparation
  • No need for dual cure activator for compatibility with any cement
  • Effective Silane replacement


universal bond vs. optibond



Effective on all dental surfaces and areas


Effective on all dental surfaces and areas

True universal formula effective for:

  • Direct and indirect restorations
  • Both dentine and enamel
  • Most critical dental areas (i.e V class)
  • Great aesthetic results
  • Compatible with any resin cement


The Truly Universal Bonding Agent



Article ID Packaging
OptiBond XTR Unidose Kit 18 ml
Contains: 50 x Unidose Self-Etching Primers (0.18 ml each), 50 x Unidose Universal Adhesives (0.18 ml each), 100 Applicators, Directions for Use, 1 Technique Guide
OptiBond XTR Bottle Kit

Contains: 1 Bottle Self-Etching Primer (5 ml), 1 Bottle Universal Adhesive (5 ml), 100 Applicators and 25 Four- Cavity Mixing Wells, Directions for Use and 1 Technique Guide.

OptiBond XTR Primer Refill (1 x bottle Primer 5 ml, IFU)
Contains: 1 x Self-Etching Primer (5 ml) and Directions for Use.
OptiBond XTR Adhesive Refill (1 x bottle Adhesive 5 ml, IFU)
Contains: 1 x Universal Adhesive (5 ml) and Directions for Use.


Learn about a resin composite inlay cementation using a truly universal bonding agent

Dr. Michał Ganowicz

Total-Etch vs. Self-Etch Adhesives A Case-Dependent Choice

Adhesive dentistry with direct and indirect restorations has advanced tremendously since the first etch-and-rinse technique introduced by Buonocore for enamel-only adhesion.

Reconstruction of a tooth with composite endocrown following root canal treatment

This patient attended for root canal treatment and reconstruction of tooth 36, using Optibond™ XTR together with NX3.

Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating the Clinical Effectiveness of a Two-Step Self-Etch Adhesive: One-Year Report

Test the clinical effectiveness of the two-step self-etch adhesive OptiBond™ XTR and compare its clin-ical outcome with that of the three-step etch-and-rinse adhesive OptiBond™ FL, used as the control, in cervical Class V non-carious Erosion/Abrasion/Abfraction Lesions.

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