Endodontics Procedures

Endodontics procedures and retreatment in endodontics can be the most complex and potentially problematic of dental treatments, which is why they require great attention to detail to ensure the comfort of your patient and the accurate removal of the infection.


Preserve what matters – comfortably

We are constantly developing new solutions to minimise the risks associated with temporary and permanent endodontics procedures, while improving patient outcome:


  • Providing quality instruments and rotary products, appropriate whether you are a specialised endodontist or new to the field,
  • Defining innovative endodontics treatment techniques,
  • Arranging hands on courses across the region,
  • Publishing clinical studies and resources to help you keep up to date with the latest advances in the field.


Download our full Kerr Endodontics product catalogue, or navigate through our complete line of endodontic instruments and rotary files to find the best dental supplies and techniques to complement your practice.